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i havent updated in forever although that seems to be the trend among most of you as i read the entries i missed lol

A Few things all of you need to know that will make your life easier:
1. Never fly in a plane after less than 6 hours after you are diagnosed with a double ear infection in one ear,one that isdeveloping in your other, a sinus infection and when the doctor thinks the upper respiratory infection you had a month ago is comingback....itsnot worth the 2 hours of pain in each was so bad there were tears

2. NEVER take a summer course of chemistry. I dont care how bad you want to graduate...doing three weeks worth fo chemistry when you havent taken in it 3 years in 3 days is NOT WORTH IT.

So yea im taking Chemistry 109...which i thought would be relativly simple...which it is....untillit flies at you at moch speed and hits in you inthe face knockin you to your butt in one yea im a little stressed about it you could say Have basically been waking up at 6:30...going to class 8-12...lunch on the lawn from from 12:30-4:30 with the hot boy i get to train for the summer...4:30-5 eat dinner...5-when i go to sleep chemistry homework/studying (typically sleep occurs around midnight) These days seem so long it feels like i have been here for three weeks already but i have only been in this room for ONE WEEK TODAY! This is going to be the end of me for sure. When i come back in december i may no longer be a forensics major lol

Other than that things are still breathing...though it is afraid with all the stress from school that my cold will never go away :-/ Hopefully it will though, thats all i would need for the next like 2 and a half months.

Time for more homework...
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